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GBTS Monthly Programs

Members and guests meet monthly, September -- June, for
light refreshments and a program presented by a local
expert on a gardening topic, followed by a business
Guests may attend two meetings during the garden
club year without joining the club. (See map to the meeting
location on the
ABOUT page of this website.


Unless specified in the Program description

  • Location: Millville Community Center at Evans Park,
    32517 Dukes Drive in Millville, Delaware.

  • Gathering: 12 -12:30 p.m.

  • Light Refreshments: 12:30 -1:00 p.m.

  • Program: 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

  • Business Meeting: 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.​

2023 Programs

January 13, 2023


Balance and Fall Prevention - Demonstration / Participation

Presented by Chelsea Bowman, Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist Assistant


Our National President Mary Warshauer declared her theme to be "Plant America, Play Outdoors!" We gardeners "play outdoors," working in our gardens. Chelsea will lead GBTS members in a talk and demonstrate how to prevent falls in the home and garden. She'll be available to answer any questions that GBTS members may have about exercise, training and physical therapy.

  • HOSTESSES -- Coordinator Audrey Young. Assisted by Linda Eaton, Martha Gallagher, Marybeth Panic, Cindy Ream and Margaret Woda

  • WELCOME TABLE -- Kathy Lesperance

  • HORTICULTURE MOMENT -- Ladybugs with Alva Hutchison

  • PRESIDENT'S CHALLENGE --Horticulture: potted Amaryllis or any other potted plant. Design: Miniature (no bigger than 7" wide/deep/high), Vegetables fruits or designer's choice. Photography: Evergreens

February 10, 2023

“Bethany Beach Horticulture Team”

Lecture with Slides

Presented by Bethany Beach Town Gardeners Jessica Brittingham, Caitlin Ware and Edward Shikas

Jessica and Caitlin have earned their Associate Degrees in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design through Delaware Tech.  They started early in their lives, digging in soil and planting many varieties of plants and trees. Caitlin was a former recipient of the GBTS scholarship. Edward is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and is a graduate of the University of Maryland Master Gardener Program. He is especially fond of Ladew Gardens and organic gardening. All are employed by the town of Bethany Beach

The presentation will focus on seasonal planning and activities undertaken each year in Bethany Beach - beginning with the stunning tulip plantings, spring and summer activities and through to the town's fall plantings. Questions are welcome throughout the program.

  • HOSTESSES -- Coordinator Maureen Siegart. Assisted by Ann Bendersky, Cherie Dorfman, Kathy Lesperance, Jacqui Malizia and Eileen Quigley

  • WELCOME TABLE -- Jean Sewald

  • HORTICULTURE MOMENT --  Tools for pruning, trimming and planting with Pat Drizd

  • PRESIDENT'S CHALLENGE -- Horticulture: African Violet, Forced Flowering Specimen, Hellebore any other potted plant. Design: From the Heart, Mardi Gras, Designer's Choice, Photography: Snowy Day

March 10, 2023

"Gardening Without Pesticides"

Demonstration and Lecture with Questions and Answers

Presented by Susan Pleasanton

Susan will speak to us about using toxic-free home products in our gardens. She will teach us how pesticides are like antibiotics in the way that they serve to create stronger, genetically advanced pesticide-resistant pests and how, in the long run, it is not good for our environment.

  • HOSTESSES -- Coordinator Carol Bishop. Assisted by Maggie Baker, Carol Batson, Maureen Eisenhart, Joan O'Day and Kathie Verse.

  • WELCOME TABLE -- Karen Plis

  • HORTICULTURE MOMENT -- Agapanthus with Alva Hutchison

  • PRESIDENT'S CHALLENGE -- Horticulture: Daffodil, Camellia Japonica, and any other potted plant Design: Wearing of Green, Here comes Spring, Designer's Choice. Photography: Windy Day

April 14, 2023

"Vegetable and Edible Flower Cottage Garden"

Powerpoint Lecture with Questions and Answers

Presented by Anne Bendersky

Anne Bendersky is a Master Gardener with Fairfax County, Virginia, supporting the Virginia Tech Extension Agent. Anne has been a GBTS member since 2020.

Anne's presentation will suggest how we can combine vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers to form a cohesive and year-round cottage style garden.


  • HOSTESSES -- Coordinator Linda Kall. Assisted by Ellen Dowling, Sharon Iannacone, Karen Plis and Steve Zimmerman

  • WELCOME TABLE -- Peggy Ravida

  • HORTICULTURE MOMENT -- Lily of the Valley with Pat Drizd

  • PRESIDENT'S CHALLENGE -- Horticulture: Tulip, Daffodil, Dogwood, any other potted plant
    Design: Springtime, For the Birds, Designer's Choice


May 12, 2023

"Photography in the Garden"

Powerpoint Lecture with Questions and Answers

Presented by Michele Walfred

Michele, a professional photographer and Communications Specialist at University of Delaware, will guide us on how to take the perfect picture when photographing flowers and trees in our gardens. She will share techniques and tips that she finds helpful and answer our questions

Please bring your camera or smartphone and wear comfortable walking shoes. We will step outside and try our hand at photographing specimens around the community center. 

  • HOSTESSES -- Coordinator Sue Basile. Assisted by Marilyn Adams, Thea Chandross, Pat Drizd, Peggie Ravida and Judy Stahl.

  • WELCOME TABLE -- Kathie Verse

  • PRESIDENT'S CHALLENGE -- Horticulture: Iris, Hosta, Pepona, Budding trees, any other potted plant
    Design: Picnic for 2. "Here Comes the Bride" bouquet/boutonniere

June 9, 2023

"Mill Pond Garden"

A Local Field Trip

GBTS members will gather at 10 a.m. at Mill Pond Garden, 31401 Melloy Ct., Lewes, Delaware 19958

Owner Michael Zajac will give us a tour of his garden, which is a registered Botanic Garden --- the smallest public garden in the American Public Garden Association. Located in a quiet neighborhood on Red Mill Pond, we will see a koi pond, gazebo, frog pond, waterfalls, wildlife and beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. 

Lavender Fields is just a few miles away, if members wish to stop by on the way home!

Programs for September - December 2023 will be posted on or about August 15, 2023

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