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Last year, I challenged us to Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect
with your roots. Turn over a new leaf.
Bend before you break.

Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep Growing.

                                                                   Joanne Raptis

AND... It was the Year of Trees!

We applied for and received a Delaware state grant in partnership with the Town of Millville to plant native trees at the new Evan's Park.  Maureen Eisenhart, Maryanne Green and Lisa Arni worked endless hours during this grant process. Many members gathered a couple times each week during the summer to water the trees, to give them the best opportunity to GROW! Now, to help everyone learn what species were selected, each of our trees are labeled with the botanical name.  When we meet in October, we will stroll the Park to see our trees. 


This year, I am excited to offer a new CHALLENGE! Each month you have the opportunity to bring what you are growing, to share a floral design or display a photograph you took of something related to the mission of our garden club. More details of the President's Challenge are outlined in our Yearbook. This challenge is for us to KEEP GROWING... Grow our Knowledge, Grow our Confidence and learn from one another! My granddaughter reminded me that it really is a GROW - SHOW and TELL! Let's have fun!  I hope every member will participate when their interest is peaked! Not Mandatory. Won't be judged! It is an opportunity brag just a bit. LEARN MORE

Thank you for the privilege to start my second 2-year term as your President. I want to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the past Board: Vice-President Maryanne Green, Recording Secretary Ellen Dowling and Treasurer Carolyn Clipp. 


Please join me as we welcome our new officers for 2022--2023: Vice President Anne McKinney and Treasurer Mary Williford. Laura Martin continues with the expanded role of Secretary and Bea Nelson will continue as our Parliamentarian.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Lee Blackwood and other key members who dedicated much time to gather and organize the GBTS yearbook. A tip of my hat to Joanne O'Day who took the photograph for our cover depicting a garden by the sea.

Thank  you to all who completed the "Getting to Know You" survey. We used your responses to plan for this year. With great gratitude to each of you... Keep Growing!




September 2022

Alva Hutchison Photo GBTS2.jpg

Alva Hutchison

GBTS President’s Message:

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