GBTS has many committees that help the organization raise funding, give back to the community, find new members and keep our members happy.  Active members are encouraged to join in on one or more of the committees and/or community projects.

Awards – Responsible for the investigation and research to ascertain if any of the club activities merit recognition and/or monetary rewards from the State, Regional and National clubs or any other organization.


Community Projects - Responsible for identifying, coordinating, and implementing beautification and community service activities. 

Garden Therapy - Work with seniors on gardening or environmental projects that provide them with creativity, social activity and promote movement which keeps seniors active and involved. 

Habitat for Humanity - Members assemble container plants to be presented to the new property owner upon the home dedication and welcome the new homeowners into the neighborhood. 

Historian - Responsible for keeping a scrapbook of any newspaper articles, photos, etc. pertaining to the Club, keeping a copy of each year’s yearbook and keeping a historical record of all events of the Club.


Horticulture - Responsible for coordinating the presentation of gardening and plant tips to the general membership at the monthly meetings.

Hospice Tree - Members team together to create a theme for a holiday tree. All decorations and decorative elements (wreaths, ornaments, etc.) are handmade by the members.  The decorated trees and wreaths are displayed at the Hospice facility and create an uplifting environment for staff, families, and patients.  The decorations and trees are then sold by Hospice to raise funds. 


Hospitality - Responsible for organizing and replenishing supplies (beverages, paper goods and cutlery are provided by the club), coordinating the lunch theme and menu, hostesses and flower arrangements for each meeting, and hosting the welcome table ensuring all members and guests sign in and are issued name tags.

Lord Baltimore Gardens - Members team together to maintain a section of the gardens to help in the beautification of the school.


Membership - Provide mentorship of new incoming members. Responsible for enlisting new members and distribution of the annual yearbook to the same, maintaining membership and waiting lists, providing and maintaining membership applications and name tags. Monitors members’ attendance and coordinates committee listings to ensure members meet the bylaw requirements for each and notify the board of any violations.  Host a yearly New Members Tea.


Nominating (chairman appointed by the President) - Responsible for recruiting and preparing a list of candidates for the club office’s biennial election.


Programs (coordinated by the Vice President) - Responsible for planning and organizing meeting presentations, confirming, and following up with speakers and/or demonstrators prior to the program.


Publicity - Responsible for internal and external communication that promotes GBTS news and events by writing and distributing press releases, creating and distributing fliers in a timely manner, and submitting an article quarterly for the DFGC Newsletter.

Scholarship - Assist a student living in Sussex County, Delaware, and attending Delaware Technical Community College majoring in the agricultural field with a GPA of 3.5 or higher by providing financial assistance.


Ways and Means - Responsible for identifying, coordinating, and implementing projects, trips, and events that will raise funds for the club.


Website - Responsible for maintaining and updating the club website.


Yearbook - Responsible for producing a yearly publication highlighting information of club activities and monthly programs, DFGC, CAR, and NGC events, and leadership, committee, and membership details.

Youth Programs - Members develop and present science lessons to children supported by literature related to the topic, a craft or activity to reinforce the topic, and journaling by the students.