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Standing Rules

August 2023


These Standing Rules shall not be in conflict with the Gardeners by the Sea Bylaws and may be adopted and amended at any regular or special meeting of the Gardeners by the Sea Executive Board by a two-thirds vote.

1. Meeting time may be governed and changed by the President or Executive Board​ due to unknown factors. Currently, social time will begin at 12:00 p.m. Program speakers have the option of beginning their programs at 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. Meetings will be held either before or after the program, depending on the speaker’s preference.


2. Each officer and standing and special committee chair shall keep a "procedure book" or file of the duties and achievements of that office during their term of service. This file shall be passed on to their successor.


3. New members shall pay full dues of $35.00 upon joining. Anyone joining the Club after January 1st will pay $20.00 for dues for the remainder of the year. Dues are payable by April 30, delinquent May 1 for each successive year.


4. Associate Members shall pay dues of $45.00, effective May 1, 2015.


5. The membership list of names, addresses, and phone numbers should be used only for the purposes of the Gardeners by the Sea Garden Club.


6. Club members’ email addresses are to be used ONLY for club-related activities (no solicitations or chain emails).


7. An ad hoc Remembrance Committee shall be chosen by the President, as needed, to commemorate an active GBTS club member, who has deceased.


8. Email voting may be used by the Executive Board and club meetings whenever a regular board or club meeting is not possible or feasible for an immediate decision to be reached.


9. Forgive committee and meeting mandates the year (2020-2021) and ongoing years if face-to-face meetings are not possible.

These standing rules can be rescinded or amended at any general Club meeting, without previous notice, by majority vote.


Revised August 2023

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