All of the garden clubs compete for awards from local organizations as well as the Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs and National Garden Club, Inc.


Don't mind us if we toot our horn!


We are pleased to announce our recent awards the club won from the Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs in 2020.

Club Yearbook                                                                        First Place!

#2 Civic Achievement                                                            First Place!

#8b Website                                                                            First Place!

#9b Roadside Improvement                                                  First Place!

#10a Special Achievement - Habitat for Humanity              First Place!

#10b Special Achievement - Hospice Tree                          First Place!

President's Standard of Excellence Award                          First Place!


These awards came with cash prizes, totally $570!  Congrats to all our members who worked hard on these projects!