Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs

President:  Connie Raymond

111 Pennwood Drive

Dover, DE  19901

Central Atlantic Region

Director:  Gail Corle    

9956 William Penn Road

Imler, PA  16655

National Garden Club, Inc.

President: Gay Austin

4401 Magnolia Avenue

St. Louis, MO  63110

Gardeners by the Sea President’s Message:

After 15 years I have come full circle as your club president once again!  As I reflect over the past several years, I am so proud of the progress that our garden club has made.  Our community projects are outstanding and well received, we have all learned so much from our vast program topics and from one another too.  One thing I have learned is there is so much more to be learned!  I would be remiss in not mentioning the lasting friendships that have been formed because we joined Gardeners by the Sea. 

This garden club year I would like to focus on bringing together our seasoned members and our new members and have some FUN!   Being active in our club committees is one of the best ways to get to know our members and you will be part of a successful team by contributing your time and efforts and the rewards of knowing that you were a part of that success should be gratifying and FUN.  I encourage you all, committee chairs, board members and club members to consider creative ways to make the work that we do include some fun. 

Our two new projects the Blue Star Memorial Marker and the Horticulture Specialty Flower Show will further enhance our outreach in our community this garden club year.  The Blue Star Memorial Marker will touch so many in our community and beyond as we honor our armed forces with this tribute.  This project is good for our club, for the town of Bethany Beach, and our local VFW post and auxiliary.  The beautiful park like setting where our sign will be placed will also attract our town visitors from outside our community as well.  Our flower show will educate both our members and the community with its beautiful entries and creative ideas. 

So let’s all step up to the challenge!  Take an active roll in our garden club and our community projects and let’s find the fun in our successes!


Lisa Arni