Gardeners by the Sea President’s Message:

Be like a tree.

Stay grounded.

Connect with your roots.

Turn over a new leaf.

Bend before you break.

Enjoy your unique natural beauty.

Keep growing. - Joanne Raptis


Dear Gardeners,

I came across this quote to “Be Like a Tree”…and I believe it expresses both a testimony of our past year and an inspiration for Gardeners by the Sea for the coming year. We stay true to our Mission, connected by the roots of our National Garden Club, Central Atlantic Region, and State organizations. It is and was a time for change and flexibility in order not to lose what is vital to our organization. We flourish in our uniqueness and the many gifts and talents of our active members…and we MUST KEEP GROWING.

Mary Warshauer, the president of National Garden Clubs continues the PLANT AMERICA theme, with the added focus to Play Outside. Gardening is both a call to service and a description of NGC garden clubs.

Barbara DeRue, the president of Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs challenges Clubs to GROW LOCALLY: GROW Membership, GROW Awareness, GROW A Garden.

As our vice-president planned the programs for this coming year, Maryanne Green suggests the theme GROWING OUR GARDEN CLUB’S FUTURE. We GROW by continuing the theme that “Members Matter Most! Active Members are the Key to Success.”


Growing our membership provides the seeds to sprout new ideas and interests. The sturdy stems that come from our roots are our long-standing members who are well-seasoned gardeners and perhaps Master Gardeners. The branches from the stems are ALL members reaching out to offer garden advice, camaraderie, and growing friendships. The leaves and flowers that ultimately grow and the bloom is our Club working in harmony delivering our Mission.

A special tip of my gardening hat to our members who will provide programs this year. Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge. Together, we will learn and GROW! This is the unique beauty of Gardeners by the Sea!

- Alva

September 2021