One of the various community projects is the youth program where club members present programs which includes a book reading, vocabulary words, hands on activities and a journal of the days activities at a local school.  Below are the programs scheduled for the upcoming 2019/2020 school year.

October - Discovering Our Schoolyard Habitat

Objective - Students will use their senses to explore their surroundings by taking a nature walk.

Lesson/Vocabulary -

Book – “Salamander Room” by Anne Mazer

Journal Entry -

Craft/Activity – Scavenger Hunt


November – The Importance of Seeds

      Objective - Students will use pumpkins to learn about the life cycle of plants

Lesson/Vocabulary -

Book – “The Saved Seed” by Brenda Moore

Journal Entry -

Craft/Activity – Pumpkin exploration


December – Gifts from the Garden

Objective:  Students will create gifts using plants or plant parts

Lesson/Vocabulary -

Book – “What’s in the Garden” by Marianne Berkes

Journal Entry -

Craft/Activity – Picture frame decorating


January - Water Cycle and Making a Terrarium

      Objective:  Students will construct and maintain a model of a natural habitat and use        it to make observations and collect information about habitat and the water cycle.

Lesson/Vocabulary -

Book – “All the Water in the World” by George Ella Lyon and Kathleen Tillotson

Journal Entry -

Craft/Activity – Terrarium making


February - Migration

Objective:  Students will demonstrate an understanding of the migration of birds from our habitat as well as discuss the birds remaining in our habitat during the winter.

Lesson/Vocabulary -

Book – “Going Home” by Marian Berkes

Journal Entry -

Craft/Activity – make nesting material supply stations


March – Reptiles and Amphibians

Objective:  Students will demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of reptiles and amphibians as well as the life cycle of reptiles and amphibians.

Lesson/Vocabulary -

Book – “The Frightened Frog” by Brenda Moore and Jean Ohlmann

Journal Entry -

Craft/Activity – Paper bowl turtle


April - Pollinators

Objective:  Students will demonstrate an understanding of pollination and the animals responsible for pollinating plants in our habitat.

Lesson/Vocabulary -

Book – “The Reason for Flowers” by Ruth Heller

Journal Entry -

Craft/Activity – Pollinator Game and planting flower seeds in egg shells


May – Red Knots and Horseshoe Crabs

Objective:  Students will demonstrate an understanding of the migration of the red knot and its dependence on the horseshoe crab when they arrive in Delaware. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the life cycle of the horseshoe crab.

Lesson/Vocabulary -

Book – “Red Knot A Shorebird’s Incredible Journey” by Nancy Carol Willis

Journal Entry -

Craft/Activity – Horseshoe crab hat

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