Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs

President:  Connie Raymond

111 Pennwood Drive

Dover, DE  19901

Central Atlantic Region

Director:  Gail Corle    

9956 William Penn Road

Imler, PA  16655

National Garden Club, Inc.

President: Gay Austin

4401 Magnolia Avenue

St. Louis, MO  63110



(Revised May 10, 2019)




The name of this club shall be Gardeners by the Sea.





The objectives of this club shall be:

  • To encourage interest and knowledge of all phases of home gardening and flower arranging.

  • To promote civic beauty.

  • To affiliate with the Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. and the National Garden Clubs, Inc.

  • To aid in the protection and conservation of natural resources.





Section 1.    The number of active members shall not exceed fifty-five (55). A member must attend at least five (5) meetings of the fiscal year to be in good standing; otherwise, that member becomes an Associate Member and is so notified by phone and/or in writing by the Secretary or Membership Committee.


Section 2.    Membership shall be open to all persons who are interested in the objectives of the club. Prospective members must attend two (2) scheduled club meetings before requesting membership. Membership shall become effective upon the payment of dues.


Section 3.    An active member is expected to:

Pay dues for coming year prior to May 1st.

Actively participate on at least one (1) committee each year.


Section 4.    Members in good standing who can no longer continue the responsibilities of an Active member can apply in writing to the Executive Board to become an Associate member. Associate members shall have all the privileges of membership, except that they may not hold office or vote. Dues must be paid by Associate Members. Limit of 25 Associates.


Section 5.    If a member is transferred or wishes to resign, a letter of resignation should be sent to the Membership Chairman.


Section 6.    A former member in good standing may return to the club and membership shall be reinstated upon the payment of dues.


Section 7.    An active member transferring from a Federated Club shall be accepted as a member and membership shall become effective with the payment of dues. The new member shall be accepted regardless of the membership quota set forth in Article III, Section 1.E3


Section 8.    An Associate Member of GBTS may return to active member status regardless of the membership quota set forth in Article III, Section 1.





Section 1.    Dues shall remain the same each year unless a change is recommended by the Executive Board. Such a change must be approved at a regular meeting by two-thirds (2/3) of active members in attendance.


Section 2.    Dues shall be due at the April Meeting and shall be delinquent if not paid by the May Meeting.


Section 3.    Members joining the club after January 1st will pay reduced dues until the April meeting, at which time regular annual dues will be collected.





Section 1.    The officers shall be President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Treasurer, and appointed Parliamentarian. They shall be elected at the biennial meeting in March for a term of two (2) years. All Officers may elect to serve two consecutive terms (a total of four (4) years).  The term of office shall begin at the May meeting. The Parliamentarian shall be appointed by the President.


Section 2.    The President shall preside at all meetings of the club, shall appoint the standing committee chairperson, shall appoint the Parliamentarian and is empowered to sign warrants. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except Nomination Committee.


Section 3.    The Vice President shall be Program Chairperson and shall conduct the business of the club in the absence of the President. The Vice-President will automatically move up to the Presidency for the next term of office.


Section 4.    The Recording Secretary shall keep records of the meetings of the club and shall be custodian of all records and papers pertaining to the office. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct all correspondence and keep all letters on file.

Section 5.    The Treasurer shall record all money received and all expenditures made and make a full report at each Executive Board and membership meeting. Any expenditure over ten dollars ($10) which has not been budgeted must be approved by the Board. The Treasurer is empowered to sign warrants.


Section 6.    The Parliamentarian shall ensure that the Club operates in compliance with its approved Bylaws, reviews and revises Bylaws, as needed, and provides a copy of the Bylaws to new members. 


Section 7     All Officers, Past Presidents and others as President deems necessary shall constitute the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall transact the general business of the club, consider all questions of policy, and present recommendations to the membership for action.


Section 8.    If a vacancy occurs on the Executive Board other than office of President, the Executive Board shall have the right to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term.





Section 1.    There shall be the following Standing Committees:

Membership and Telephone


Ways and Means

Publicity and Year Book

Community Projects




Section 2.    Other special committees may be appointed by the President as the club/or the Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs may require.


Section 3.    Committee Chairs shall serve a maximum term of no more than four (4) years. There must be a two (2) year interval before being eligible to chair the Committee again.





Section 1.    There shall be one (1) membership meeting per month for at least 10 months of the year.


Section 2.    There shall be one or more as needed Executive Board meetings during the year. Also, in order to ensure that all projects and activities support the club’s objectives, a planning meeting should be held annually before the May meeting with the Executive Board and all Committee Chairpersons in order to review each committee’s programs and tentative budget submissions.


Section 3. a. In even numbered years prior to the March meeting, nominations of officers will be taken from the floor.

                 b.  Officers will be elected at the March meeting.





Section 1.    If necessary, a Nominating Committee of three (3) members shall be chosen. The chairman shall be appointed by the President, and two (2) members shall be elected to the Executive Board at the November meeting prior to the biennial meeting in March.


Section 2.    If no nominations from the floor are forthcoming, with the exception of the Parliamentarian, then the Nominating Committee shall prepare a list of candidates whose names shall be presented to the membership at the meeting prior to the biennial meeting in March. Further nominations shall be in order from the floor at the biennial meeting, provided the consent of the person has been obtained.


Section 3.    Election of Officers, excluding the Parliamentarian, shall be held at the biennial meeting in March. If there is more than one (1) candidate for the same office, election shall be by ballot and a majority vote shall elect. If there is only one (1) candidate for each office, the Recording Secretary shall cast a unanimous ballot of the membership for the election of Officers.





Section 1.    A quorum of a regular meeting of the club shall be one-fourth (1/4) of the Active members.


Section 2.    A quorum of an Executive Board meeting shall be one-half (1/2) of the Executive Board.





Section 1.    The fiscal year shall be from May 1st through April 30th.


Section 2.    The books and accounts shall be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and shall be reviewed yearly by a committee appointed by the President.





Section 1.    The Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the club by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, provided the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous meeting.


Section 2.    The Bylaws may be amended without notice at the biennial meeting by a unanimous vote.


Section 3.    Amendments shall become effective upon adjournment of the meeting at which they are adopted.





Section 1.    Current edition of newly revised Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by these Bylaws.





In the event of the dissolution of Gardeners by the Sea, all debts are to be paid with remaining funds, and balance then disbursed to the Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs for the Scholarship Fund.